Northern Vancouver Island Pictures

Pictures of Northern Vancouver Island and its marine surroundings showing the scenery, landscape and the wildlife of this unique vacation area in British Columbia.

With our Northern Vancouver Island pictures, we want to bring you this amazing part of Vancouver Island a little bit closer. This section of Northern Vancouver Island, Malcolm Island, Cormorant Island, the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park all the way to the Mainland of British Columbia.


We recommend a stay of a minimum 3-4 nights minimum to allow enough time to discover the most important attractions like whale watching, bear watching, dolphin watching, bald eagle watching and to discover the beauty of the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park, sandy beaches at Cape Scott or the rough wild West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island. Please refer to our sample packages (should be online by Jan. 10th, please inquire till then). 

All these locations are in reach and part of our unique custom photo tours. The professional wildlife, travel and nature photographer Rolf Hicker will be your tour guide with a lot of photographic knowledge and on the land-based tours, Rolf answers your photography related questions, shares a lot of tips and tricks and helps you to capture those unique moments on film (sorry chip). 

In this photo gallery, you will see a small section of pictures of what we have to offer in this beautiful part of the world. Here you can find more information about our private wildlife photo tours around Northern Vancouver Island.

If you interested in photography you might want to visit Rolf's Nature, Travel & Wildlife Photography website.

Here are links to more photo galleries with pictures captured in the last couple of years on our tours:

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