Rolf   Hicker's individual photo tours, Vancouver Island

"My private Wildlife & Scenery photo tours are not only for photographers. It is an individual private photography tour tailored to YOUR needs. I just want to make sure that the tour is the highlight of your entire trip. I am an award-winning, full-time travel, nature and wildlife photographer.


I have over 30 years of experience in the field, worldwide but also specifically in this area around Vancouver Island. I'm very well known for my ethics as well as my unique Orca (Killer whale)  & whale portfolio.


Experience has taught me how to "find" those picture-perfect moments but it is up to you if you want to capture the moment in a photograph or simply to enjoy it."

Stay & Tour (check here for packages)

My private photo tours include almost everything a visitor wants to do and see within a few days. I recommend a 3-5 night minimum stay to do the "discover all" photography package. It includes a full day, 12 hour wildlife& scenery photography tour with grizzly bear watching in Knight Inletkiller and humpback whale watching, bald eagle watching, dolphin watching other marine mammals, in one of the most scenic areas in Knight Inlet, the longest Inlet (Fjord) along the British Columbia coast and the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Marine Park. Another day we will be on a full day tour by land to the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island and Cape Scott Provincial Park.


We will be on a easy walk (2 hours round trip) through a beautiful North Island forest to visit sandy beaches and photograph all along. In the afternoon we go further to the much rougher outside coast and if requested we stay even out for sunset. Another day we do our Cave & Lake tour which is a half day tour to visit my favourite place, an open limestone cave with a beautiful river and we visit a scenic lake with steep mountains behind. Or the half day could also be spent on another 5 hour whale watching tour or a 4 hour sunset whale watching tour, all tours are private and custom built.


I'm your host for your accommodations, I normally serve breakfast and I'm also your professional tour guide with a lot of photography knowledge. I'm also leading and organizing film-/ photo shoots for international film producers and production crews around the area.

Information about the photo tours on and off Vancouver Island can be found via the links below the pictures.

grizzly bear photo tour
killer whale watching
humpback whale watching
whale watching tour
humpback whale foggy sunset
whale watching sunset
bald eagle hunting
sun-rays knight inlet
Cape Scott West Coast
water reflections
Knight Inlet Glacier
sea lions
aerial toward coast mountains
bald eagle rain forest
canoe lake vancouver island
waterslide waterfall
Moonrise over Johnstone Strait
starfish lagoon
sea stacks cape scott
grizzly bear watching
coastal fog with eagle
limestone caves
dolphin watching
Knight Inlet passage
rainforest creek
dolphin knight inlet
Coastal River
bald eagle talons fish
sunset vancouver island
Knight Inlet Waterfalls
All the pictures you see were photographed in the last couple of years on our private photo tours around Northern Vancouver Island.
Stay & Tour - Rolf Hicker Photo Tours for 2019 - max. of 4 people
Standing Grizzly Bear

12 hour private boat tour, 4 people maximum

including Grizzly bears in Knight Inlet / Glendale Cove

Humpback Whale feeding Broughton

10 hour private boat tour, 4 people maximum

including wildlife Broughton Archipelago Marine Park

breaching transient killer whale

5 hour private boat tour, 4 people maximum

incl. Orcas & Humpback Whales and other wildlife

Killer Whale spy hopping sunset

4 hour private boat tour, 4 people maximum

including whales & sunset

Beautiful West Coast Vancouver Island

10 - 12 hour private land tour, 3 people maximum

including Cape Scott Provincial Park & Outside Coast
Available as photo tour or guided tour.

Limestone Cave Vancouver Island

5 hour private land tour, 3 people maximum

including Caves & Lakes

Available as photo tour or guided tour.

Aerial View Islands Coastal Mountains
Sunset Tour Northern Vancouver Island

3 hour private land sunset tour, 3 people maximum

somewhere high up for a beautiful aerial view

Available as photo tour or guided tour.

Please inquire via contact form