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Port McNeill Weather & Webcam - "The Artists Point B&B", Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Northern Vancouver Island scenery, weather and hummingbird webcam.

We have set up this webcam and weather station to share our view and weather with our family, friends and all those fans of Northern Vancouver Island who can't be up here right at this moment. Via the webcam and the weather station we are able to share this beautiful and peaceful location with you... till you come up here again to enjoy it for yourself including the fresh, clean air which we can't provide through the internet yet. In hummingbird season, normally from May till July, you can also see hummingbirds on the webcam.

Finally the first webcam and weather station for Northern Vancouver Island is launched to share the peace and tranquility of this region with the rest of the world. Our webcam and weather station is located about 5 Km south of Port McNeill in the small rural community of Hyde Creek. Because of bandwidth restrictions, we can only show you about 1 shot every minute at this stage. If something special happens on the water or with the weather (sunset) we will provide you with images every few seconds.

This Northern Vancouver Island webcam is privately funded by Rolf Hicker (The Artists Point B&B). We hope you enjoy the view of this beautiful "slice of heaven" which we want to share with YOU.

View from "The Artists Point B&B" - Northern Vancouver Island, Port McNeill - Webcam
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Northern Vancouver Island Port McNeill WebCam picture
Current local time at "Port McNeill / The Artists Point B&B":
Saturday, December 03, 2016 - 01:37 AM

View from Port McNeill / Hyde Creek over Broughton Strait with Haddington Island and Sointula on Malcolm Island in the background AND of course the ever changing weather of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
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